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Styling Your Jewelry According to Season | Linjer Jewelry

Each season has its own special energy. We nourish our bodies with seasonal foods; we dress according to the season, and we participate in activities and traditions that are particular to each season. So, why not style our jewelry according to season?

Each piece of jewelry also has its own special energy, and that energy can be evocative of what we feel in Summer, Spring, Autumn, or Winter. Of course, which jewelry trends harmonize with which season is subject to personal nostalgia. So, at Linjer, we’ve put together a list of our favorite seasonal pieces that put us right in the spirit of each season.

Golden Summer

Our gently curving golden Runa Ring reminds us of sand dunes and breezy ocean waves. And, if Runa doesn’t instantly transport you to the seaside, the Peaceful Heart Necklace in Amalfi Blue will. This gorgeous aquamarine gemstone necklace with a sunny gold jewelry lining feels like a drop from the Amalfi Coast.

Runa Organic Ring

We’re loving the light-colored linens of this summer. Plus, summer jewelry, like Runa and our Peaceful Heart statement necklace, looks as brilliant as the summer sky against an ivory linen lounge set—if we do say so ourselves.

Amalfi blue statement necklace peaceful heart

Floral Spring

Those April showers really do bring a multitude of May flowers that outplay even the rainbow. What says Spring better than a field of wildflowers? And, this Spring, more has really been more when it comes to florals and colors.

Maya amethyst ring

Amongst our colorful range of precious stone jewelry and gemstone rings, you're sure to find your favorite healing properties and Spring colors—like the Maya Amethyst Ring, a lovely interplay between amethyst and cubic zirconia reminiscent of rows of lavender.

Maya looks great against soft pastels and neutrals, but she’s up for it if you want to pair her with your most maximal spring florals.

Starry Autumn

As the days grow cooler and shorter, we begin to see the stars come out in the early evening, and just like colorful leaves make us sentimental for Fall, so do fireside chats on crisp starry nights.

Teresa sapphire earrings

These beautiful Teresa Sapphire Earrings—made from three tiny white sapphires and 14k gold—are like a little bit of Autumn stardust, and they just so happen to be the September birthstone.

You can wear classy jewelry like the Teresa stud earrings both with casualwear to add some polish or also with your dressy and semiformal attire. These earrings pair really well with your other Fall jewelry and look stunning in your second piercing.

Silvery Winter

Winter is often seen as a season of rest and quietness, where the vibrant colors of other seasons fade into a soft silver, giving us clarity and time for reflection as we prepare for rebirth.

Indeed, silver is a color often associated with the crystalline shimmer of winter. Linjer’s sterling silver jewelry collection includes pieces with conflict-free diamonds as dazzling as icicles and simple pieces that can be worn as everyday jewelry, like the Hanne Bar Bracelet in silver—a delicate chain suspending a silver bar with a subtle sheen that gently catches the light.

The Hanne Bar Bracelet is a beautiful piece to wear any day of the week, running errands or at the office. She’ll harmonize with your winter wardrobe and can easily be layered or dressed up.

Hanne bar bracelet in sterling silver

Styling your jewelry according to season is a great way to ground and lean into the special energy that each season evokes within you. Let the pieces in our Fine Jewelry Collection inspire you and put you in your favorite seasonal feels.

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