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There are so many wonderful reasons to give gifts: holidays, birthdays, milestones, and special occasions. If you’re reading this post, we surmise that you’ve decided on a jewelry gift for her. Congratulations on narrowing it down. You’ve made a great choice!

But now that you’ve decided on jewelry, how do you decide on the right piece, and where can you find something stunningly giftable that won’t overdraft your checking account?

At Linjer we pride ourselves on offering high-quality, sustainably sourced jewelry that you can afford. Here we list our top 5 choices for fabulous jewelry gifts all under $100.

1. Leaf Earrings - Selma

Delicate and whimsy, our Selma Leaf Earrings have a sylvan touch that bespeaks the fanciful inner world of their wearer. They are elegant enough to wear to an upscale event and playful enough to wear during the day.

The leaf-shaped cubic zirconia studs set in gold vermeil suggest falling leaves and they are an ideal piece of jewelry for a daughter or friend who is especially fond of nature.

Selma Leaf Earrings

2. Circle Necklace - Elsa

Understated and minimal, the Elsa Circle Necklace is a statement piece in disguise. If you're looking for gold jewelry for women, this piece is a meaningful choice. Of course, if she prefers, the Elsa necklace also comes in sterling silver.

A 360-degree sphere is suspended from a delicate cable chain. The perfect circle has a modern feel that can symbolize eternity, unity, and wholeness as well as the cycle of life.

For that reason, this piece is significant as new mom jewelry or jewelry for couples.

Elsa Circle Necklace

3. Gemstone Ring - Ilse

The Ilse Gemstone Ring is one of our most popular pieces, and a favorite of ours as well. What we love about this ring is the unique shape created by four asymmetric organic hand-cut stones. There is no other ring quite like it.

The band is available in gold vermeil or silver, and gemstone options include white topaz, London blue topaz, peridot, and citrine.

We know that the person (or people) receiving this gift have their own unique beauty and personality—just like the ring. We think the Ilse ring is meaningful jewelry for a best friend as well as matching sister jewelry.

Ilse Gemstone Ring

4. Open Leaf Ring - Ada

The Ada Open Leaf Ring is similar to the Selma Leaf Earrings in that it alludes to the forest. In the shape of a laurel wreath, the leafy arrangement of marquise gems set exclusively in gold vermeil can be thought to symbolize victory and accolade, making it an ideal choice for graduation jewelry.

Paired with our Selma earrings, the Ada ring remains feminine, fairytale-esque, and simply beautiful to behold.

Ada Open Leaf Ring

5. Pearl Bracelet - Eli

When looking for jewelry for your wife for any occasion, we recommend something modern and mature, like our Eli Pearl Bracelet.

The delicate gold vermeil cable chain is accentuated with a bright baroque pearl, gracefully spaced beside a sky blue topaz gemstone.

The Eli bracelet is a wonderful birthday jewelry gift or mother’s day jewelry gift for any woman, especially a woman who loves nothing more than a day spent at the seaside.

Eli Pearl Bracelet

Feeling inspired by our top 5 picks for jewelry gifts under $100? We love all the pieces on our Jewelry Gifts Under $100 Collection Page, and we know that you will too!


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