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Why You Need Chain Necklaces in 2022 | Linjer Jewelry

Arendal Diamond Cut Beaded Chain

What is a Chain Necklace?

Sometime, thousands of years ago, someone had the idea to link one ring to another—and so the chain was born. While chains may have first been used for practical purposes—-like towing and securing items—they were quickly adopted for the sake of fashion.

Throughout history, chains have been worn as jewelry, most commonly in the form of a chain link necklace, but also sometimes for equally aesthetic and practical purposes—like keeping your pocket watch or your fur muff connected to your person.

Chain jewelry was also quite useful for showing off one’s fancy brooch collection—a marker of status—by suspending the brooch from the chain, in a similar way to the modern-day pendant (like this gorgeous Marit Keshi Pearl Necklace on a classic cable chain).

Initially, even chain-only necklaces were reserved for royalty and nobility in Egyptian, Greek, and Middle Eastern societies. And, artisans outdid themselves throughout the centuries, creating ever more innovative and beautiful iterations of the first chain necklaces.

Why a Chain Necklace Should be a Part of your Wardrobe

While status symbols are a bit out of fashion, chain necklaces are definitely not. Some antique chain necklaces are not only still wearable but just as stylish today. That’s because necklace chains are a classic jewelry design that have stood the test of time—like the post-Renaissance-inspired Figaro Chain—and there are plenty of reasons to include a timeless chain necklace in your jewelry collection in the modern era.

Lillesand Figaro Chain Necklace

Just like the beloved white button-down that every it-girl (since white button-downs were invented) has had in her closet—putting the ultimate crisp, classy, and put-together ensemble at her fingertips—a women’s chain necklace is equally a closet essential that pairs well with everything and seamlessly lifts your look.

If you are just starting to build your jewelry collection or looking to create a capsule collection, we highly recommend starting with a small gold chain or a sterling silver chain necklace.

The reason is that chain necklaces are highly versatile, layerable, and function wonderfully as everyday jewelry, which are the defining qualities of a capsule collection item.

You don’t need gobs of jewelry to create a classy signature style, just a few high-quality pieces, and truly, we can’t think of an outfit that wouldn’t be complimented by a classic thin gold chain necklace, such as this Alta Diamond Cut Chain.

Alta Diamond Cut Chain Necklace

There are so many necklace chain types that, whether you like elegant or edgy jewelry, you’re sure to find the ideal chain for you. So, definitely, check out our Top 5 Chain Necklaces for a curated introduction to the myriad of gorgeous chain necklace designs available today—and how to wear them.

Benefits of Chain Necklaces

If you’re thinking that this six-thousand-year-old design is right for you in 2022, here’s a recap of the benefits of chain necklaces that will make you certain:

  • The chain necklace design is truly timeless.
  • High-quality chain necklaces are sturdy, easy to clean, and can last a lifetime.
  • Chain necklaces effortlessly finish off your outfits and add polish to your style.
  • Chains are readily available in a variety of colors and designs.
  • Chains are great for layering.
  • Chains are ideal for featuring beautiful pendants—tip, you can even string a favorite ring onto your chain to create a new necklace!
  • The right chain necklace can be worn for upscale occasions and for daily wear.

Get inspired and pick out your favorite chain necklace design from our Chain Necklaces Collection page!

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