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Your Ultimate Jewelry Gift Guide 2022 | Linjer Jewelry

What is it about jewelry that can make a woman feel like a million dollars, or better yet—priceless? It all comes down to the power of narrative that connects us to our loved ones and to ourselves.

At Linjer, we know that our jewelry tells stories. We weave narratives about who we are, where we’ve come from, and what we are capable of into the pieces that adorn our necks and wrists.

That’s why we’ve put together this ultimate jewelry gift guide, because we get that jewelry is something a woman carries with her throughout her life: a gift that commemorates her unique personality and her most special memories, a gift that will become a permanent expression of just how much you think of her.

Keshi Pearl Earrings, Elisabeth Vintage Ring, Irene Beaded Ring, Diamond Eternity Ring

Take a look at these pieces below. Whether it’s new mom jewelry, a graduation gift, or an anniversary piece, you’re sure to find something that she will treasure slipping on, day after day.

Gemstone Earrings - Sigrid

Linjer Sigrid Gemstone Earrings - Citrine

Whether you’re looking for graduation jewelry or an elegant birthday gift, look no further. Gemstone earrings are a great gift option for all types of relationships. With our Sigrid Gemstone Earrings, you can choose between hand cut gemstones of citrine, rose quartz, blue topaz, and amethyst.

You’ll have a variety of creative choices to personalize your gift in terms of color and significance. Regardless of the occasion—these hand cut gemstone earrings make an ideal gift.

Mama Pendant Necklace

Mama Pendant Necklace

The Mama Pendant is an elegant and subtly strong piece that makes a wonderful push present for brand new mamas as well as a gift of recognition for the enduring love of moms with years of experience.

This pendant is great for everyday wear and comes in both gold and silver, so you can make sure to give Mom her preference!

Keshi Pearl Drop Earrings - Adriana

Linjer Keshi Pearl Drop Earrings - Adriana

Festive and sophisticated, these versatile earrings—that come in gold and silver—can be dressed up or down. The Adriana Keshi Pearl Drops have a natural freeform feel that adds a statement to any chic girl’s going-out look.

The versatility of these pearls goes beyond how they can be paired. They’re honestly just a fabulous gift for any celebration.

And, we think their fun and flirty feel makes them especially giftable as best friend jewelry for adults. Did someone say Happy Birthday? Psst… we also totally agree that your mom, your sister, or—yes—even you can be your own best friend.

Diamond Eternity Ring

A beautiful symbol of permanence, the Diamond Eternity Ring is a gift that expresses long-lasting, committed love. This endless circle of sparkling diamonds is a classic piece for your girlfriend, wife, or partner to be given as engagement jewelry, anniversary jewelry, or on another important occasion.

Linjer Diamond Eternity Ring

That said, rings and diamonds don’t have to be only for couples. This graceful band is also fitting for anyone close to your heart who deserves to know that you’ll always be there for her.

Heart Necklace

Linjer Heart Necklace

The delicate and sweet design of the Heart Necklace makes a lovely present for someone young, or—of course—anyone young at heart.

Because hearts symbolize endearment and affection, heart shaped necklaces are often purchased in sets of two as a mother daughter jewelry gift, matching sister jewelry, and best friend jewelry.

This uniquely shaped take on a classic piece might be just the birthday necklace or thinking-of-you necklace to put a spring in the step of someone you cherish.

Linjer Jewelry

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a special occasion or an everyday gift, remember that each piece of jewelry tells a story. It’s up to you to decide which pieces express what you most want to say to the special people in your life.

While this curated snack-sized list is designed to give you the gift-inspo you need to get started, we recommend that you check out our Fave Gifts for Her collection page for many more ideas!

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