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5 Underrated Jewelry Pieces to Check Out | Linjer Jewelry

Do you remember that one composition teacher who told you that clichés are passé? (So, you begrudgingly edited out the best part of your essay).

Luckily for us, there is no such thing as cliché in the jewelry world. What disgruntled grammarians may consider trite, smart stylists see as timeless.

So make sure that you don’t edit these classic jewelry designs out of your wardrobe because they will never be overused. Even the most blasé fashionista must agree that timeless jewelry done right is as stylish as it gets.

A return to the essential elements of design will always elevate. So, lets peek at 5 understated jewelry pieces that have been unjustly underrated.

Staple Studs

Ah, studs. For many of us, stud earrings are the very first type of jewelry we will ever wear. Studs can seem boring, almost imperceptible, and so often, we don’t realize just what they do for us. But, the truth is that studs can single-handedly upgrade any outfit.

Silver Emma Stud Earrings on ear

Subtle and nuanced, the right pair of studs, like our Mini Silver Stud Earrings - Emma will frame your face and add a finishing sparkle to your style. These chic sterling silver cube-ettes make even jeans and a t-shirt look put together. Minimalist jewelry at its finest.

A Down-to-earth Diamond

All that glitters is not gold… sometimes it’s a bezel-set 14k gold diamond ring. And, trust us when we say that diamonds will never be cliché. A few thousand years and counting, diamonds are a style mainstay. And, 14k gold jewelry is a luxury standard.

Bezel-set diamond ring and diamond pave band on finger

But, you don’t have to be dripping in diamonds to be stylish. Sure, we’ve heard terms like “big rock” and “diamond-encrusted” thrown around, but in reality, a small, well-placed diamond, like our Anja - Diamond Ring, is the ultimate in understated elegance.

The chic gold bezel gives this conflict free diamond a peek-a-boo effect that is both sophisticated and perfect for everyday. Anja looks great in ring stacks and just as lovely on her own.

Would-be Dangles

Pearl earrings are another classic choice that is sometimes overlooked but can’t be overdone. If you’re looking for something just a little bit out of the ordinary, our Eline Silver Pearl Earrings are an intriguing combination of studs and drop earrings.

Eline silver pearl earrings

A perfectly round 5mm pearl hangs down from a tiny marquise-cut gemstone stud. This lustrous pearl drop doesn’t quite dangle but instead sits on the lobe like a demure ornament. Eline is your go-to when you want to dress things up a bit.

A Chameleon Chain

Gemstones and pendants so often get the limelight when it comes to necklaces, but we mustn’t underestimate the effect of a single gold chain. What would medallions and pendants be without the chain necklaces that support them anyways?

Lillesand gold figaro chain necklace laying on jewelry dish

Just like a backup vocalist going solo for the first time, the intricacy and nuance of supporting jewelry pieces can surprise us when we see them on their own.

Our Lillesand - Gold Figaro Chain is a gold vermeil jewelry necklace with an elegant chain link pattern that adds a touch of polish to your wardrobe and magically transforms to go with anything. As with chic studs, you can pair Lillesand with jeans and a tee or with smart workwear and even semi-formal outfits.

A Barely-there Bracelet

Just like no-makeup makeup, the idea of evanescent jewelry is that it becomes an extension of you.

Silver malin gemstone bracelet on wrist

And, just because it’s “barely there” doesn’t mean our Malin - Silver Gemstone Bracelet doesn’t work wonders of enchantment. Malin will have everyone thinking that you just naturally sparkle, and—let’s be honest—you do.

Malin’s dainty silver jewelry chain and tiny white topaz gemstone harmonize seamlessly with all of your favorite ensembles, making her a never-take-it-off favorite.

Classic and timeless jewelry is our métier, and at Linjer, we’re big believers that a little bit goes a long way when it comes to elevating your style. Of course, we love creatively crafted jewelry and out-of-the-ordinary designs too, which is why we also put together a list of our Top Unique Jewelry Picks.

No matter your signature style—timeless or innovative, minimal or statement jewelry—you’re sure to find the pieces you love in our Fine Jewelry collection! And, at accessible prices that don’t forgo our luxe-quality jewelry standards.

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