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Amazonite Jewelry: Our Best Picks | Linjer Jewelry

Amazonite is a stunning natural gemstone that can instantly transport us to a tranquil island in the Mediterranean sea. Beyond its dreamy green-blue hues, it’s also known as a healing crystal with the ability to promote communication, self-expression, and balance. To make your lives easier, we've rounded up our favorite Amazonite jewelry pieces that will have you looking great and feeling zen!

Amazonite Ring

Amazonite Jewelry - Amazonite Ring - Iris

For those who love wearing neutrals but also want to incorporate more colors into their summer wardrobes, opt for our Amazonite Ring - Iris! This radiant gemstone ring features an organically shaped amazonite crystal set on a gold vermeil band.

The vibrancy of this dainty amazonite stone will add just the right amount of summer magic to your outfits without being too overwhelming. To create a visually interesting stack, let this amazonite ring be the focal point of your ring stack and pair it with a few of your favorite dainty gold textured bands!

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Amazonite Earrings

Amazonite Jewelry - Amazonite Earrings - Clara

Heading to a beach vacation and in desperate need of an effortless pair of earrings to style with your summer dresses? Look no further than our Amazonite Earrings - Clara. These dainty gemstone earrings feature organic amazonite crystals that style beautifully with all types of outfits.

For maximum effect, style these playful amazonite earrings with a white linen maxi dress to let your jewelry do the talking! 

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Amazonite Pendant Necklace

Amazonite Jewelry - Amazonite Necklace - Hilda

Our Amazonite Necklace - Hilda features a unique green-blue amazonite gemstone designed to help you feel at peace and captivate those around you. The pendant design of this necklace is simple yet striking—featuring a single Amazonite stone set in a delicate gold vermeil bezel. The amazonite pendant sits close to the heart to promote emotional healing and balance.

Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or just want to incorporate a pop of color to your everyday look, the Hilda necklace is the perfect choice for anyone who loves fine jewelry with a deeper meaning!

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Amazonite Bead Bracelet

Amazonite Jewelry - Amazonite Bead Bracelet

Our Amazonite Bracelet is proof that classic and playful can coexist! Featuring a string of dainty amazonite beads sandwiched between gold vermeil beaded accents, this bracelet will add a subtle glow to your wrists all summer long. The natural beads offer a captivating green-turquoise hue with unique color striations that make each bracelet one-of-a-kind!

For a more maximal look, stack this amazonite bead bracelet with your favorite gold chain bracelets and bangles!

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Amazonite Bracelet

Amazonite Jewelry - Amazonite Bracelet - Valencia

If you prefer a subtler approach to showcasing amazonite, our Amazonite Bracelet - Valencia is the answer for you! This dainty bracelet features five gorgeous Amazonite charms, each set in a delicate gold vermeil bezel. The charm bracelet design of this piece is simple yet elegant, making it a stunning layering piece for the summertime.

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We love a crystal that is not only beautiful in aesthetics but also powerful in meaning! Our collection of amazonite jewelry includes a range of elegant and meaningful pieces—from the stunning Hilda to the dainty Valencia.

By adding amazonite jewelry to your daily wear, you can not only elevate your style, but also benefit from the healing properties of this exquisite crystal. Whether you're dressing for a special occasion or an everyday look, our amazonite jewelry is the perfect choice for anyone who loves fine jewelry with some added benefits😉

For more gemstone jewelry options (think stunning amethysts, sunstones, moonstones), don’t forget to take a look at our gemstone collection page!

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