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Moonstone has been a long-standing favorite gemstone of jewelry lovers for its iridescent, rainbow glow that appears to change color as it catches the light. In crystal healing circles, moonstone is also believed to be a stone of new beginnings, inner growth, and strength.

Whether you're a believer in crystal healing practices or simply enamored with the moonstone’s enchanting look, there's no denying this gorgeous gemstone’s allure. Let’s dive into some of our favorite moonstone jewelry pieces and add a touch of magic to your jewelry collection!

Gold Moonstone Ring

Moonstone Jewelry - Moonstone Ring - Elisa

For a gold moonstone ring that can do it all, opt for our Elisa Ring! Adorned with three beautiful moonstone gemstones set on a gold vermeil band, this ring's understated design creates a look that is classic and ethereal. The simple design of the Elisa paired with the pearly glow from the moonstones makes it a versatile piece that can be styled with both your everyday looks and your night time affairs!

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Moonstone Ring Set

Moonstone Jewelry - Moonstone Ring Set - Serena & Hailey

We love moonstones and we love statement ring sets so it’s only logical for us to include the Moonstone Ring Set - Serena & Hailey! The focal point of the ring set features a stunning oval rainbow moonstone on a gold tapered band with sparkling cubic zirconia accents. The set also includes an open ring flanked by sparkly gemstone accents. Wear the Serena and Hailey separately for a more understated look, or stack them together for a bolder statement.

Moonstone jewelry has long been associated with self growth, and with this Moonstone Ring Set, you can carry that meaning with you wherever you go!

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Moonstone Drop Earrings

Moonstone Jewelry - Rainbow Moonstone Earrings - Victoria (Blue Gem)

For a statement look, opt for our exquisite Rainbow Moonstone Earrings - Victoria (Blue Gem)! The iridescence of the moonstones, combined with the sparkling blue cubic zirconia accents, creates a dazzling effect that is sure to attract attention. The drop-style design of the earrings will surely add a romantic charm to any outfit.

No matter the occasion, these moonstone earrings will elevate your ensemble effortlessly and lend a radiant glow to your look!

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Moonstone Stud Earrings

Moonstone Stud Earrings - Karina

For your everyday office look, opt for our Moonstone Stud Earrings - Karina. These gorgeous earrings feature tiny moonstone studs with iridescent blue and white tones. The Karina will add an understated pearly opalescence to your lobes, creating an effortless and polished effect.

Moonstone jewelry is known for its mystical and ethereal quality, and these Moonstone Stud Earrings are no exception!

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Moonstone Necklace

Moonstone Jewelry - Moonstone Necklace - Maxine

Looking for a dainty and versatile piece of moonstone jewelry to add to your summer jewelry collection? Well, say hello to our Moonstone Necklace - Maxine. This delicate necklace features a string of tiny lustrous moonstone beads, paired with gold vermeil beaded accents. The unique iridescence of moonstone gives this necklace a mystical quality that is sure to captivate.

Style this necklace on its own for a subtle accent or layered with your favorite pendant necklace for a personalized look!

Thanks to their gorgeous tones and opalescent charm, moonstones are an easy way to incorporate an ethereal effect to your outfits. From subtle and understated to bold and eye-catching, we offer a range of moonstone jewelry pieces to suit every style and preference. If you're interested in exploring more gemstone jewelry styles, be sure to check out our gemstone collection!

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