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Jewelry Pieces to Wear on Vacation | Linjer Jewelry

You get to be whoever you want on vacation. No matter how big or small your trip, holidays give us a chance to reconnect with and even reinvent ourselves. If you’re not much of a jewelry person, now’s your chance to indulge and try some vacation jewelry. If you are much of a jewelry person, you get to pull out all stops and don your most extravagant statement jewelry.

No matter how you like to spend your well-deserved vacations—one thing’s for sure—you deserve to look your best while you take some time for yourself.

There are as many vacay looks as there are vacay destinations. So, let Linjer get you started with a few ideas that will have your bags packed in no time.

Beachy Paradise

Plumeria Flower Ring on finger

There’s no denying it, florals are in, and there is nothing trope-y about styling your beachside outfits with tropical flowers and colorful jewelry.

In their native habitat, gorgeous plumerias can bloom almost all year, and our Plumeria Flower Ring will feel right at home on your beach vacation. The hand-painted white petals with a glossy gold border look gorgeous with your vibrant beachwear and pair well with all your beach jewelry, like the colorful pieces from our Isle of Paradise Collection.

Urban Adventure

Dagmar Twist Gold Ring on finger

Whether exploring marketplaces in Bangkok or marveling at the architecture in Roma, visiting a new city and getting to know the local vibes is a favorite vacation choice, and, of course, you want to look put together even in adventure mode.

That said, you may not want to wear your priciest pieces on a vacation that involves a lot of activities and exploration (raise your hand if you’ve lost a cherished piece of jewelry on a trip).

We recommend jewelry that doesn’t fall off easily and that isn’t too flashy but that will make you feel polished. Try wearing your classic travel ensemble with a snug-fitting cuff bracelet, a simple chain necklace with a good clasp, and a couple of detailed stacking rings—-something like our Dagmar Twist Ring, a delightful gold vermeil ring that looks like two ropes spun together.

Lakeside Cabin

Trillium Stud Earrings on ear

While some like warm weather and city rhythm, there are more than a few souls out there who love nothing more than a quiet cabin retreat. Whether your cabin vacation involves curling up with a book or rowing out on the lake (or ice skating, who says you can’t take a winter vacation, right?), our Trillium Studs—made with three tiny gemstones reminiscent of a three-leaf clover—will keep you company.

These dainty everyday stud earrings look just as nice with your trekking (or skiing) clothes as they do with that dressy sweater you brought to wear to the 5-star farm-to-table restaurant that all the reviews are raving about.

Spa Heaven

Mother of Pearl Necklace on girl

There’s nothing like a spa-cation. Sauna, mudbaths, meditation—the ultimate relaxation. We love our versatile gemstone jewelry to make you feel centered and grounded as you let your energy be restored.

The healing properties of gemstones and other calming jewelry make ideal spa wear; an elegant gemstone necklace like our Mother of Pearl Necklace—a serene pearlescent medallion on a subtle chain—will be sure to match your own rekindled glow. The adjustable chain allows you to shorten the necklace for gentle movement, like morning yoga, or wear it a little bit longer in case you want to dress up for a nice evening.

Drinks & Dancing

Trillion Cut Earrings in White Topaz on Girl

Of course, you don’t have to travel thousands of miles to have a fabulous vacation. Sometimes the very best vacations are staycations. Power down that laptop and put your phone on silent; these next few days are yours.

If your fantastic staycation just so happens to include a night out, we’ll help you make a dazzling appearance on the town. Our Tuva Trillion Earrings—sexy gemstone dangles with glittering trillion-cut white or blue topaz stones.

These alluring vacation earrings go with whatever you love to dance in, and they’re happy to do the flirting for you.

Wide Ring, Criss Cross Ring Gemstone Rings on Hands

No matter where in the world your vacation takes you, find the perfect high-quality holiday jewelry in our Fine Jewelry Collection.

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