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Mix Jewelry Metals with Confidence and Finesse | Linjer Jewelry

Once upon a time, the mere thought of mixing silver and gold jewelry was considered a fashion faux pas. However, this opinion has transformed, with mixing and layering metals being very much on-trend for 2022. Mixing metals offers endless possibilities for creativity, and the number one key to pulling off this look is balance.

What do we mean by balance? First, consider the areas we most commonly wear jewelry: ears, neck, wrists, and hands. To achieve the perfect balance when mixing jewelry metals, your best approach is to layer gold and silver jewelry across any one (or more) of these areas, rather than wearing all gold pieces in one area, all silver in another.

If layering your favorite gold and silver jewelry pieces together sounds a little daunting, read on to discover our top tips on how to do it with flair!

We’re All Ears

If you’re new to mixing metals, our dainty earrings and earring stack sets are an easy place to start. For example, you could begin by combining the delicate pieces from our Ear Stack Set in gold vermeil with the sterling silver earrings in our Silver Ear Stack Set. Wearing gold and silver earrings or cuffs in a simple alternating pattern achieves a balanced look with ease.

Ear cuff, star stud earrings and huggie hoop earrings in gold vermeil on ear

If you’re feeling more adventurous, try a signature drop earring on the lobe, then alternate daintier silver and gold studs, hoops, or cuffs up the ear—creating a mix of both metals and sizes. Minimal risk, maximum impact!

Ear cuff, star stud earring and huggie hoop earring in sterling silver on ear

Necklines That Make Headlines

Since necklaces come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes, layering gold and silver necklaces creates a lot of visual interest. Metal-mixing beginners can stick to layering delicate necklaces, such as the Silver Malin Gemstone Necklace with our gold vermeil Bergen Franco Chain. The subtle differences between the chainlink styles effortlessly amp up their visual appeal when paired together.

Gemstone necklace silver malin laying on jewelry dish

For a bolder look, layer a bold sterling silver necklace or pendant with a finer (or equally bold) necklace in gold. Just be careful to wear necklaces of varying lengths to avoid them becoming tangled. At Linjer, all of our necklaces feature an adjustable length, making layering silver and gold necklaces a piece of cake.

Franco chain bergen in gold vermeil on neck

Wrist Wreaths

We love bracelet stacks just as much as we love ring stacks. And, just like decking your ears, you can deck your wrists with alternating silver and gold chains—dainty chains are a subtle way to start.

Double chain bracelet silver kjersti on wrist

Of course, just as with your necklaces, you can go bold by adding in a statement piece—the classic simplicity of our Kjersti Silver Double Chain Bracelet compliments the chunky trinkets of our Ingrid Pearl Bracelet, featuring freshwater pearls studded with gold nuggets. The beaded aspect of both bracelets serves to tie the look together.

Pearl bracelet ingrid in gold vermeil being held with textured background

Ring Bling That Will Make You Sing

Last but by no means least, it’s great to have a fun mix of gold and silver rings. Let your rings be an everyday jewelry touch by alternating daintier gold and sterling silver rings, such as our Diamond Eternity Ring in 14k solid gold with our classic Liv Silver Stacking Ring.

Diamond eternity ring in gold vermeil on finger

Alternatively, go for greater contrast. Choose a statement ring and build a variety of silver and gold stacking rings around it.

Silver stacking ring liv on finger

The Balancing Act

Thinking about the ratio of gold to silver jewelry items you wear in any given area will help you to avoid tipping the balance from visually striking to overdoing it. And, you can use the styles of jewelry, such as other design details or colors to tie your pieces together. For instance, chose the same gemstone color across all of your quality jewelry pieces.

To really mix and match jewelry metals with finesse, think about how the metals complement skin tone and fabric. For instance, if you are wearing a v-neck, gold and silver necklaces will stand out differently against your skin tone compared to the fabric of a high-neck top. If your jewelry lies against your fabrics, consider the fabric tone. Planning to wear white or cool pastels? Silver necklaces are going to add a subtle sparkle, while gold vermeil jewelry will create a bolder contrast.

Tennis bracelets in sterling silver and gold vermeil on wrist

Remember, warm colors blend with gold-toned jewelry and pop against silver-toned jewelry. The reverse is true for cool colors. For more on color science, check out our color guides: Deciding between Gold and Silver and How to Style Colorful Gemstones.

So there you have it! Now you have a few tools under your stylish belt on how to pair and contrast jewelry metals, shapes, and sizes.

The only tricky part is deciding on your favorite pieces from our Fine Jewelry Collection to mix and match metals. Liner’s wide range of metals and designs provides you with plenty of room for playful experimentation!


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