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Our Favorite Necklaces for Date Night | Linjer Jewelry

We love date night: the thrill of spending quality time with that someone who makes you feel extra special, the fun of getting dressed up, and of course the excitement of putting on jewelry.

Going out is the perfect excuse to try new pieces, like this flirty variety of date night necklaces.

Diamond Cut Beaded Chain - Arendal

Explore the City

Imagine a night on the town. You pick a few different venues that you and your beau have never been to before. You start off the evening over crisp craft beer, tour an artisanal marketplace, check out the amazing view from a scenic lookout, and finish off the night with tapas and a chill live band concert.

For a varied night like this, we love the Arendal Necklace, a gold chain necklace whose versatility measures way beyond its three necklace lengths. It’s an easy-going piece that will add a dash of radiance to any outfit in any context. Perfect for exploring the city.

Arendal Diamond Cut Beaded Chain Necklace

The diamond cut of the chain lends the Arendal Necklace an edgy sparkle, and evenly spaced beads create a bit of texture, adding just a little something extra.

Mother of Pearl Necklace

Visit a Museum

Almost a blank canvas itself, this elegant Mother of Pearl Necklace is a serene and tasteful pearl pendant necklace that will put you in the right mood to enjoy varied works of art splashed across canvases throughout the centuries. Museum dates are a great way to spark conversation.

Mother of Pearl Necklace

From rococo to post-impressionism, the glimmering white oval suspended from a classic chain will artfully accompany you through the corridors, as it is easily adjusted to the neckline of your favorite museum-going dress.

Who knows, you might just inspire someone’s next work of art.

Boho Gaia Necklace

Picnic at a Farmer’s Market

Chances are the park near your house has a Saturday morning farmer’s market, and we can’t imagine a better way to spend the weekend with your sweetheart. As long as there’s a picnic involved, there’s no reason why date night can’t be date day.

Brighten your favorite picnic outfit with our Boho Gaia Necklace; complete with the sketch of a bohemian sun, it’s the perfect gold vermeil necklace for a warm golden day. The cheerful gleam of this medallion will catch the rays as you browse the stands for arts, crafts, and delicious snacks. 

Boho Gaia Necklace

Gemstone Necklace - Malin

Celebrate with an Al Fresco Dinner

Who doesn’t love an al fresco dinner date? Outdoor dining is like a picnic but fancier. There are some gorgeous open-air restaurants that prepare delectable gourmet fare for a romantic date with your significant other.

Of course, a gorgeous venue calls for a gorgeous necklace, and we think our Malin Gemstone Necklace is a knockout. The bezel set white topaz gem hangs from a gold or silver chain, creating an understated allure with a diamond-necklace feel.

Malin Gemstone Necklace

Whether you’re celebrating the years you’ve been together, or you’re on a dreamy first date, you’re in for an enchanting evening.

Get ready for all your upcoming date nights with these charming pieces from our Necklace Collection page!

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