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Earrings are an important rite of passage in many cultures, often signifying something special about the individual and their relation to their community. Even if you enjoy wearing earrings for purely ornamental purposes, they can still say a lot about your style and sense of self.

Twisted Hoop Earrings - Juni

While various parts of the ear can be pierced, the lobes are a common choice because they are softer and quicker to heal than the parts with cartilage, and—believe it or not—there are over twenty different earring styles that can be shown off on the lobes alone.

Keep reading to check out some of our favorite earring styles!

Stunning Studs

Remember the day you got your ears pierced? That first pair of earrings? Most people’s first pair of earrings is a pair of studs. That’s because stud earrings, with short straight posts, and a small, usually rounded adornment are the easiest type of earring to use when creating the perforation.

Studs come in many different shapes—such as a sphere or pear shape—and often feature a gemstone or unique design.

We love these Aura Climber Earrings, a stud cluster of three tiny square-cut gemstones. They’re like your first pair, but more sophisticated.

Jaw Dropping Drops

Drop earrings are known for their minimalist elegance, the way they charmingly dangle and sway as your head naturally shifts during conversation.

As the name implies, drop earrings drop down from the lobe, and often feature a gem or ornament that offers some weight at the bottom of the drop.

Our Asta Dangle Earrings are a unique take on the drop earring concept; gold drop earrings, featuring two interconnected gold loops. The first loop, a smaller hollow ring, anchors the drop to the lobe, while the second, a more oval shaped loop, gently hangs down from the lobe.

Dangling Earrings - Asta

This curious geometric design that resembles the start of a chain, is sure to catch the eye of earring enthusiasts!

Hugs All Around

Huggie earrings are so named because they look like they are hugging your ear lobe. These earrings are a version of hoop earrings, but they tend to be thicker and on the smaller side. The post that connects the loop at the top is designed to be unseen, giving the effect the earring is pressed on, like a cuff.

Gem Huggie Earrings - Eva

Our Eva Gem Huggie Earrings are a classic example of the huggie design—with some extra sparkle. Nine white topaz gems set into these 8.5 mm gold or silver hoops give your earlobes a dazzling embrace.

Hoops with a Twist

Hoopy earrings are just what they sound like, a hollow circle, hung from the lobes. Hoop earrings have been around for a long time and appreciated by many cultures. They are often hung from the ear with a curved metal post and clasp that flow seamlessly into the hoop.

Hoops can really vary in terms of diameter and thickness. Remember those really giant hoops that were so fun to wear in the late 90s and early 2000s? Then smaller hoops took the stage for a while, and now lots of styles are readily available as we move into the era of wear-what-makes-you-happy.

Twisted Hoop Earrings - Juni

Some of our favorite gold or silver hoop earrings are a classic hoop design with a twist, literally. The Juni Twisted Hoops are a slightly thicker gold or silver metal strand that is loosely spiraled as it loops around to form a circle.

Why wear regular hoops, when you can up your hoop game with something a bit more fun?

Off the Cuff Style

Tired lobes? Or maybe you're just tired of traditional lobe earrings. Have you considered an Ear Cuff? Cuffs, like hoops, have been around for a long time, and been used across many cultures, sometimes as a status symbol.

Ear Cuff

The common cuff earring is a round semi circle with no post—sometimes smooth and sleek, sometimes carved or ornamented. It isn’t inserted into the ear, but rather pressed onto the ear— so, no perforation necessary.

Usually, the cuff is worn on one ear, on the helix, giving your look a slightly bohemian flare. That said, you can also situate the cuff on other parts of your ear.

So what are you waiting for? Spice up your style with a gold or silver cuff earring—you don’t even need to have your ears pierced.

For more earring ideas, be sure to check out all of our different earring styles on the Earrings Collection page!


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