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Rainbow Moonstone Properties and Benefits | Rainbow Moonstone Ring

With an air of magic in both appearance and properties, Rainbow Moonstones are milky, iridescent stones known for their gorgeous rainbow luster.

If you’ve had your eye on a stunning Rainbow Moonstone ring or necklace and are curious to know more about these fascinating gemstones—you’re in luck. We’re going to uncover the powerful Rainbow Moonstone properties and how you can wield them through jewelry.

Linjer Rainbow Moonstone Ring

Rainbow Moonstone Meaning

What is a rainbow moonstone?

Let’s first clear something up: did you know that Rainbow Moonstones aren’t moonstones? They’re actually Laboradites (whereas actual moonstones are a variety of Orthoclase), but they still share similar properties.

Like moonstones, Rainbow Moonstones are composed of Feldspar minerals, which are known for their adularescence—a word that describes the effect of the light diffraction between layers of the stone.

The result? An appearance of moonlight emanates from Rainbow Moonstones and creates a dazzling rainbow spectacle that favors shades of blue.

But Rainbow Moonstones aren’t simply known for their beauty, they also hold beneficial properties.

Linjer Rainbow Moonstone Lisbeth Ring

Rainbow Moonstone Properties

Yes, the properties of Rainbow Moonstones will not only add a physical brilliance that refines your everyday outfits, but they hold a light that transcends the physical, too, brightening your spirit and mind.

Rainbow Moonstone Emotional Properties

In fact, Rainbow Moonstones are known to ease and shield you from negative emotions, giving you a sense of peace, clarity, and balance.

If you’ve been feeling stressed or anxious lately, wearing a Rainbow Moonstone could be your key to help you take on the day. For centuries, people have carried Rainbow Moonstone to harness its calming and aligning properties.

Rainbow Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

In addition to being emotionally soothing, Rainbow Moonstones are also associated with divine feminine energy and are said to provide spiritual clairvoyance and enlightenment.

With a Rainbow Moonstone at your side, you can access your inner feminine wisdom, intuition, and creativity to make your best decisions, regardless of the situation at hand.

Rainbow Moonstone Physical Properties

Back onto earth as we physically see it, Rainbow Moonstones are Laboradites from the Feldspar family; their chemical name is calcium sodium aluminum silicate.

They have a hardness of 6 on the Mohs scale, a specific gravity of 2.5, and a refractive index of 1.5.

In terms of palette, you’ll primarily see blue, gray, and white, but—with the turn of your wrist—you can watch a subtle display of purple, peach, pink, and a variety of shades in between unfold.

Rainbow Moonstone Jewelry: How to Harness Rainbow Moonstone Properties

Linjer Lisbeth Rainbow Moonstone Ring

Of course, it’s not exactly practical to carry a loose gemstone throughout the day, so how can you harness the Rainbow Moonstone properties (and benefit from its beauty) while on the go?

The key is, of course, jewelry. We’ve adorned ourselves with gemstones via jewelry for centuries to best access their metaphysical properties and keep our gems protected from wear and tear in the process.

When we don ourselves with gemstones, they can more easily infuse with our auras so we can effectively harness their energy and benefits. Plus, it goes without saying that wearing jewelry gives its wearer a romantic and refined look.

So, why leave such a potent gemstone at home, when you’re most likely to need it (perhaps even more) when you step out to face the world?

Slip our Moonstone Ring (Lisbeth) onto your finger and step into your school, office, or local café with polish… as well as the spiritual clarity and mental fortitude to stay stress-free all day, blocking any bad vibes with ease.


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