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Remember that extra-credit art history class you took in college to add a bit of culture to your curriculum?

As you discussed the chefs-d'oeuvre of past centuries, your notions of line and proportion suddenly took on new meaning. And, your vocabulary expanded to include words like juxtaposition and asymmetry.

Did you ever imagine that all those concepts would come into play when it comes to decking your fingers?

Linjer Margit and Ada Ring

Ring stacking is its own fantastic art form. That’s why we made this ring stack guide, so that you can have—at your fingertips—all the principles needed to know how to stack rings like a pro.

Creating Contrast with Color

Once considered a fashion faux pas, mixing gold and silver jewelry is here to stay.

But there’s no need to limit yourself to just gold and silver. You can create a mixed metal ring stack using various metals, and you can really mix things up with the full spectrum of gemstone colors.

Window to my Soul Rings

When thinking about color, it’s all about warm and cool tones. Warm tones include metals like yellow-gold and copper and gem colors like citrine, peridot, and some shades of rose quartz.

Cool tones include metals like silver and white-gold and gemstones such as blue topaz and amethyst.

Neutrals like white topaz, quartz, and diamonds still often take on a cool-toned appearance when placed against yellow-gold, such as with the Miriam Gemstone Ring.

To create a sense of balance and uniformity, we recommend juxtaposing either the gemstone tones or the metals, not both.

Mother of Pearl Ring - Margit, Julie Ring - Citrine, Eternity Ring

For example, choose an all gold stacking ring set that includes many jewel tones. Imagine a few simple gold stacked rings, like Liv and Irene, paired with the colorful gems of Ilse and Sofia.

Conversely, you could combine gold and silver bands, but select only cool-toned gems.

Layering Texture

We can’t deny that monochrome will always be, well, timeless. So, if you want to opt for a completely cool-toned silvery vibe or a fully warm golden glow, you can create visual variety by playing with texture instead.

Chain Ring - Tonje, Beaded Ring - Raghnild, Eternity Ring - Olivia

Layer, for instance, the textured Tonje Chain Ring with the smooth sheen of the Paula Wide Ring. And, if you use a really thick ring on one finger, balance it with an open ring like the Birgit Mother of Pearl Ring on another finger.

To create your own engagement ring stack, let’s talk about texture and metal quality for a minute.

Linjer Olivia, Ilse and Lilly Luxe Ring

Engagement rings usually feature softer, high-quality metals so, be careful to protect your engagement piece with an equally soft, high-quality stack ring such as the 14k Gold Stacking Ring or Anja Luxe.

It’s All About Those Lines

Symmetrical shapes on your hand—like a centered chevron or a straight line across the base of the fingers—work well when mixing mostly flush-fit and gemless bands.

You can create that even, straight line using a combination of thin geometric rings, stacking bands, and rings with really small centerpieces. To create a focal point, try just one tall ring on one of your fingers.

Linjer Anina Ring and Lilly Ring

This shape becomes the base for all other shapes, which are achieved by building height on varying fingers in three ways: ring quantity, ring size, or placement.

If you don’t want the clutter, create space and height with an adjustable open ring above the knuckle.

When it comes to highlighting your show-stopping statement rings, we think asymmetry is best. Try a diagonal slope or an off-centered chevron.

The beautiful Elisabeth Vintage Mother of Pearl, or two upside down v-rings together with the Martine Pear Shaped Ring can build a stunning high-point on the index finger that gently slopes down to one ring on the pinky.

And, for showing off engagement rings, the off-centered chevron is perfect, with the high-point on your ring finger. Highlight that star piece by juxtaposing it with gemless, dainty rings. If you really want to include more gems though, consider a thin eternity ring, placed on a different finger.

Finding your Look

Within each of these categories, you’ll want to create the patterns that speak to you to find your own sense of balance and personality.

Linjer Various Rings Stack

Mostly—mix, match, have fun, and don’t be afraid to break all the rules! You can come up with your own ring stack creations using our Stacking Rings collection page!


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